Monday, December 18, 2006

AJ in the USA

From Left to Right - the Mayor of Charikar, me, Engineer Zarar (then Parwan governor, now Interior Minister) Squadron Leader Matt Radnall, RAF Regiment, and AJ.

Adjmal, or "AJ" as he preferred it, was one of the more skillful intepreters I met in Afghanistan. He helped me out in one of my most uncomfortable situations.
Our Task Force intel officer e-mailed me that AJ had found a sponsor (another officer) and was currently a sophmore in college here in the Midwest! He should go far, as he is a sharp guy. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he is a smooth and charming fellow too.


Blogger CSMBones said...

He was very good and very slick. He was a player with the coalition ladies. I'm glad he made it over. We have to get him up to Chicago for Chai and Kebabs.

9:04 PM  

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