Friday, December 15, 2006

News of Afghanistan ٣٣

Alokozay Tea in hand, I present edition ٣٣ of the News:

Your Daily Briefing

Pakistan says "we are helping"

Oh, really?

Two boys push a wheelbarrow full of water containers in Kabul December 14, 2006. Relief agencies say the amount of street children working for a living in the country is on the rise. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani (via

An editorial that is correct in what it asks donors to do - but is wrong in almost every particular (they are right about Pakistan being a problem). Note the same old lazy themes; "resurgent Taliban" (unlike when they ran the country, eh?) "opium, yada yada yada". Anyway, read for yourself...
A call for a magic wand to be waved...really, what is it with all the warped thinking going on lately?
So, um, Pakistan.... what about this then?

Task Force Falcon medic Spc. Hannah Campbell draws blood Nov. 20 from an Afghan aviator undergoing a flight physical at the Camp Albert Aid Station, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Photo by Sgt. Stephanie van Geete

But remember, the "resurgent Taliban" are winning. Except that they would talk, if asked, and really want all those darn foreign troops that keep killing them to go away...

If you can follow this, you know more about film than I far.

A Canadian scolding.

A recent rally demanding justice for victims of Afghanistan's decades of conflict

India and the Afghan refugees. And this related post...

Remember, this is what the enemy is all about.

Take this poll, like any other, with a grain of salt.

Coal miner at Pul-e-Khumir (see here for more)

Cha-Ching?! How would you say that in Euro?

This guy sounds like their Attorney General...I hope it works out.

Sports day! Photos here.


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