Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ethiopia steps into the arena

Darn that Muslihoon, he went and made me think, as he often does. Ethiopia (see also), has decided that enough is enough, and pushed her army (and her airforce sorties) into Somalia.

And it isn't just Ethiopia that is worried - The African Union is backing Ethiopia [see statement, in French, here]. It seems that Islamist conquest isn't something many African governments want to see.

I am able to honestly plead ignorance as to what our involvement is, if any, in this push. I have no experience with, or sources in the JTF Horn of Africa [CENTCOM maintained site here]. Djibouti borders both Somali and Ethiopia. Draw your own conclusions...

COL Bay is keeping an eye on this situation too. Logistics will be extra important to this campaign. These folks are fighting over some ground that has absolutely no infrastructure or resources.

And now for my $.02... Ethiopia has our tacit support, probably in more, uh, material terms too. Ethiopia really didn't need that much goading, either. She lost her coastline when Eritrea split away, and she isn't about to watch an Islamist Somali state try to gnaw the Ogaden off of her too. It surely figured into Ethiopian calculations that her own population is almost half Muslim as well. Radicalization of half your people might just prompt you to send a few soldiers and planes out on a mission or two...


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