Thursday, March 23, 2006

All Day Training

All day training session today. Subject matter? Negotiation. 14 years as an attorney, and I have to get training in negotiating...

Oh, and I have done some other negotiating too.

I'm so happy about this all day training event.

UPDATE: Time to eat a small amount of crow... I did pick up a few good tactics. I didn't want to imply that I know EVERYTHING about negotiation, I just thought the training was going to be introductory in nature. I am glad I was wrong. But I still wish I had some of that time to get other things done...


Blogger Saoirse said...

Do they at least give you lunch?

A question, I hope you don't mind. We have some angels wanting to send underarmor. Those tshirts, that have some type of armor woven into it. But we have heard it is highly flammable. When a soldier is struck by an IED it can actually cause burns. Injuring the Soldier worse. We were told this from someone at Walter Reed.

Do you know of anything else, a type of underarmor maybe the military recommends? I thought to try you before centcom. Hope you don't mind.

Maybe you can nap through some of it? The training session...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saoire, under armor is clothing made from breathable, wicking cloth that makes wearing protective equipment more comfortable. It was originally designed for atheletes to wear under the protective pads. It gained favor with troops since they too must wear protective armor for a different purpose.

Sorry I cannot point to a purchasing guide to get the benefits of under armor that is also fire resistant. Since you seem to have a contact in the military there should be a approved list of commercial products.


3:01 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Under Armour brand shirts are sold in the PX. We loved them in Afghanistan - (I have a couple still). If you want to check the flammability, see if UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or the ANSM, ASTM or such outfits have done any testing. Heck, if naught else, check Consumer Reports.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Mighty Quinn said...

Back to negotiating...
Maj. John fails to mention 25 years of treachery, backstabbing and guile as an accomplished player of Avalon Hill's "Dimplomacy." After 'negotiating' with the Running Dog and Tempus, Major John has learned the meaning of 'trust.' ;-\

6:56 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Or dealing with certain older siblings who are palying the role of one Baron Vladmir Harkonnen - negotiate well or DIE!

7:34 PM  

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