Friday, February 03, 2006

A Jolting Moment of Perspective

School construction in Jangadam - note use of old Soviet fuel drop-tank for water storage.

Ever since I came back from Afghanistan, I find myself caught in occasional "perspective check" moments. Case in point: I was asking my son how his classroom was doing in the school "contest" to collect Boxtops for Education. His school already is supported by Meijer Community Rewards and they participate in Market Day. After telling me they were behind some other classrooms, he mentioned that his classroom wasn't going to have verry many windows anymore. The school is expanding to add 8 classrooms, and the building will branch off of where his room sits.

That's when it hit me - 8 classrooms is what we built for our standard schools we provided under the CERP (Commander's Emergency Relief Program).

Major John and CPT Matt Pintur inspecting Jangadam School construction.

My thoughts about extra fundraising for my son's school, and hoping the expansion will go quickly and smoothly butted up against the memories of Afghan kids using tents as schools, sitting out under the open sky and being taught...

"School" in Shaka village. We built a brick one to replace this tent.

I feel very fortunate that my son has a very nice, modern school with excellent teachers, plenty of resources and committed parents who seek to help in every way (my wife is a "Reading Mom", for example). Ask yourself if you feel the same.


Anonymous saoirse said...

Especially when thinking of Afghanistan. Before the war, there were alot of womans groups trying to help the afghan woman. For me, being able to drive my car to my job, is a privilage. Not a given, because I know there are woman who can't.

Children; my daughter has seen shows on the kids there. Read some of the letters from soldiers overseas.
That young girls weren't given educational opportunities at one time. The lack of school supplies, even as it shows in your pics, the lack of buildings. Too house the children.

We were blessed to have a Major in afghanistan to send winter clothes too this past december.

My daughter sent her gameboy and all its games. As if they have access too batteries? But anyways.

Hm? It just came to mind. Can we use these pictures for the school project? Perhaps you should talk about this to the students?

You are a lucky man to have a "reading Mom" for a wife.

God bless you and yours~~

11:07 AM  
Blogger Major John said...

Saoirse - anything I put up here is for any non-commercial, non-defamatory use you would like.

All I ever ask is to be given credit for the photo.

11:47 AM  

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