Sunday, January 29, 2006

In Praise of an ABC Cameraman

I realize ABC has bigger things going on right now. But I wanted to pass along something a cameraman for their Chicago affiliate, WLS-TV Channel 7 did for my Guard unit. Mike Dukevich had been out to the North Riverside Armory when the 33rd Area Support Group was getting ready to go to New Orleans as part of Operation Crescent Relief.

I spoke with him after he and his crew had finished some interviews (even one with me, heh heh) and shot some footage of the soldiers getting ready to go. I wondered aloud if there was any way we would be able to catch all of the broadcast. Mike said he'd go one better - that when the film was being archived, he make a copy of all the raw footage, interviews and such. I got the tape and a note from him in the mail on Friday. When I watched it this weekend, I couldn't help but smile a bit at what we all looked like, and what we said.

I will take the tape in to my unit this coming weekend, and make sure it is made available for any who want to copy it. I would like to thank Mike for remembering us, and giving us a piece of unit history.


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