Friday, January 27, 2006

Afghan Dining

Squadron Leader Matt Radnall (RAF Regiment)

One night at dinner, my son asked me if we could pretend we were at a restaurant. "Sure Kiddo, we can". I was scurrying back and forth to the kitchen, so he thought it would be fun to pretend he was ordering from the cook - me. Then he looked up and asked, "Daddy, do they have restaurants in Afghanistan?" "Yes they do, Kiddo, but they are different than ours." How to explain I cracked out the pictures...

Finding a place to sit

And I told him how they didn't sit on chairs, didn't really have a table,

Would you like to sit in the automatic weapons or non-automatic weapons section?


We shared everything, and also that the food was very good.

That also made me think about finding some place to "dine Afghan" in the Chicago area. I found two places:

Afghan Restaurant - 11 miles N - 2818 W Devon Ave, Chicago, 60659 - (773) 262-8000
Kabul House Afghan Fine Cuisines - 14 miles N - 3320 Dempster St, Skokie, 60076 - (847) 763-9930

Thanks, Kiddo, for reminding me of all that!


Anonymous saoirse said...

I think the american way like this used to be a picnic. Eating on the ground.
Is it true everyone eats from the same bowls? You have to use your right hand?

I hope the questions are okay. Never know, people might be able to go there someday.

At our church we had men serve the woman night. They dressed like waiters. *smiles*

God Bless~

8:14 AM  
Blogger Major John said...


Yes, it pretty much is "family style". The Afghans could take their right hand, scoop up some rice and roll it using their thumb in to a tight ball - all in a very fluid movement. When we tried, the results were predictably laughable. They accomodated us with some forks...

8:40 AM  
Anonymous saoirse said...

How very kind of them. I don't suppose you have the video clips? *smiles*

See how many skills we disregard by using silverware?

Thank You for sharing. Experiences like this, I think, shows the international relations built by our military personnel. Person to person. I am sure they still talk about your visit.

Thank You both for all You do!!

11:29 AM  

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