Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Apology and Excuses

I wanted to apologize for not posting here for several months.

I have changed jobs twice since Major John has left. I've also changed my work hours three times. I have a miriade of other things going on in my life that pale in comparison with the efforts that CSM Bones and Major John are making.

Mostly I feel that I have nothing worthy enough to post on this blog. My knowledge of Afghanistan is almost exclusively that of the inside of my base over three years ago. There are other members of this blog that are far more knowledgable on a very wide range of topics and I feel that my lighthearted parochial rantings are not appropriate where such weighty matters as the rebuilding of nations are being discussed.

I apoligize for not contributing and for not having anything of value to contribute. I salute and applaud you CSM Bones and Major John. I will continue to support you in any way I can.

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Blogger LTC John said...

Shut yer gob an' post!

12:42 AM  
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