Saturday, September 15, 2007

An odd billboard

As I drove to my armory in Chicago, I noticed a billboard from the local "progressive" radio station, 850AM WCPT (no link, they don't deserve the traffic).

It read "Surge Protection!" and their call letters, AM number and some remark about being progressive.

Surge Protection? That is fairly tone deaf, isn't it? Your nation's Armed Forces are conducting a push commonly referred to as "the Surge" to defeat people who blow up children, heck, anybody they can. They are also uite explicit about wanting to impose a 8th Century theocracy...and a "progressive" radio station advertises itself as "Surge Protection"?


I mean, for years they have had billboards along I-90 berating the President - OK, whatever they want to pay for. But "Surge Protection"...?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Progressives' are sociopathically egotistical - they don't want to help anyone, control them yes, help - no.

4:11 PM  

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