Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can Brian De Palma not make a movie without US Soldiers raping somebody???

Why do I think I see the next Oscar Nominee? I am really surprised to see it doing so well at the Venice Film Fest ha, ha. This will be an easy sell next march. Back in 89 he made " Casualties of War" about stereotyped US troops in Vietnam raping a village girl. Out of all the true stories to tell about the violence in Iraq, he picks the rape and murder of a young girl and her family by some troops who are facing life in prison. Can just one film maker create a film about the endless violence and killing of innocents by our enemies? That may get them killed like Theo van Gogh in Holland. That would be an act of real courage and may upset their jet set leftist freinds. They revel in there liberal self hatred. Our Army is a reflection of the society from which it comes. Individuals do acts of evil, and they will be punished. These individual acts are not a reflection of what we do there day in day out. Most of the killing is done by Muslims murdering their own for profit and political gain.
Brian D said: "I was forced to fictionalize things that were actually real" WTF?


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