Friday, August 03, 2007

News of Afghanistan - Edition 64

This is going to be the last edition for a while. I will be on vacation the next two Fridays and after that I will be making some changes around here. Oooh, cryptic! All that aside, here is the News...

Any talk of tourism in Afghanistan usually centers around Bamyan (or Herat and Kabul).

Afghan Defense Ministry says - huh?

The Taliban hostage Dramatis Personae and the demands

See this and more at Bahktar News

Moving "beyond their Afghan roots"? Even more reason to wipe them out.

NGOs and Afghan security forces - no thank you?

As I previously said - this could be a doozy.

Korean reaction to the hostage situation.

Uh, OK...and this will accomplish what now?

Afghan Blogs vs censorship?

Know Dari or Pashto? Then here is an Afghan online paper for ya!

And the round-up for the day.


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Anonymous Mrs G said...

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Good ... Good Luck in your travels.

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