Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The PDA is Dead, Long Live the PDA

My "old" PDA (a Palm Tungsten T5) died last Thursday.

It was issued to me by the army when I was in Afghanistan and I had brought it home and threw it in a drawer until last October.

In that short time I have begun to rely on it heavily and had big plans to use it for work, blogging, writing and military.

Then suddenly last week it stopped working. It could be fixed, but it's out of warranty and a new one would have cost about the same as fixing this one.

Saturday I took my Christmas gift cards and an on-line rebate and got myself a brand spanking new Tungsten TX. It was considerably cheaper "out-of-pocket" than a repair would have been.

You may be wondering why I want a new one after the old one only lasted a couple of months. Well, I did a decision matrix and gave a decision brief to Mrs. Prop and she authorized the purchase.

It made the most fiscal sense, the infrastructure was already in place, I think the death of the old one was partially due to it's multi-continental, drawer journey into use and the new one has almost all the features I think I'll need.

It is very similar and I am now learning to use it. I hope to use it for all the things I mentioned and just maybe to edit my latest novel, Guya Principal during March, which is NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month).

Long Live the New PDA! Huzzah!


Blogger Major John said...

In nomine Patri, et Fili, et Spiritu Sanctus...

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