Sunday, February 11, 2007


I did a little shopping this weekend. No big deal, right? Well...I found that after I came home from OJE in 1997, that I had taken things for granted. The first time I went back into a Sam's Club, it felt like a religious experience. Since that time, the feeling wore off a bit - especially after the kids came along. Hard to wax poetic about free market choices when your 4 year old is throwing a cereal box at your 2 year old...

However, since I came back from OEF in mid '05 I got that old joy back. 14 months of DFAC creations and MREs might inspire it... Especially going to a place like Trader Joe's.

They may be the high end side of the Aldi's conglomerate - but be damned if I don't get some pep in my step going in there. Food that would have taken all day to make back in the day, is readily available, easy to make, and affordable too. I made a pork roast tonight that even my late grandmother couldn't have pulled off. Yum!

I consider them the polar opposite of an old Soviet State store (I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg - then Leningrad - in 1984 for a brief spell). Colorful stores full of great merchandise with a cheerful and helpful staff.

Naturally, the missus thinks I am bats - but in a good way. If I do the shopping and like it (for whatever mad reason) she doesn't mind.


Blogger Maggie45 said...

I love, love, LOVE Trader Joe's. When I lived in Phoenix, I'd stop several times a week on the way home from work. Now I live 110 miles southeast of Tucson, and the closest TJ's is in Tucson. I don't care. I go there every two weeks around pay day and stock up on loads and loads of stuff you can't get at the Safeway here. It's an experience going in there, like you say the staff is great. And so is all the merchandise. They even have freezer bags so I can get all the stuff home safely in the heat of summer.

3:23 PM  

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