Friday, February 16, 2007

News of Afghanistan ۴۷

Ah, the past weekend reminds me of what one of my favorite interpreter's father would say... "Snow in the mountains is better than gold in the bank." As, I do not have any farmland along the Panjshir River, he may have my allotment of snow. Please come and remove it ASAP.

A great muddle if you ask me - Talbin scum...

Testifyin' about security.

The Canadians mull over a very old problem.

Britain's Prince Charles greets President Hamid Karzai at Clarence House in London. Afghanistan is at a "tipping point" ahead of an expected Taliban spring offensive, a hard-hitting report warned, despite upbeat comments from Karzai and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.(AFP/POOL/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Oh brave Talib - got enough children to flee behind?

Rebuilding Torkham.

I am wary of the numbers cited here. But one shouldn't downplay all of the report.

Photo: IRIN

I weep for our media when I can look at an article in the Tehran Times and see they are very much more careful in how they treat claims by a "purported" Talib commander than our own...

Another good Canadian idea!


Gimme energy!

I wonder if he said this with a straight face....?

Uh, wait one...over.

A bit of an angry, historical oriented polemic.

Over to you, Airborne.

Go watch this - it's a bit long. I, and my co-workers, helped a bit with this...

The leading citizens of Rogmati. [photo]

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Blogger Inner Prop said...

Snow...Gold. I was wondering what that saw was. Somebody told me part of it once, but couldn't remember exactly how it went.

I guess it isn't helpful in a land as mountainous as Illinois anyway.

4:39 PM  

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