Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When you have nothing, open the Anecdotes

I got nothing. So, I opened the Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes.

Some of my favorite parts of entry #112 (by an unknown British soldier "S.H." at the seige of Gibraltar in 1727):

March 9th. Came a deserter who reports that while our guns were firing at them an officer pulled off his hat, huzzaed and called God to damn us all, when one of our balls with unerring justice took off the miserable man's head and left him a wretched example of the Divine justice.

April 12th. A recruit who refused to work, carry arms, eat or drink was whipped for the fifth time, after which being asked by the officer he said he was now ready to do his duty.

June 17th. Today two corporals of the Guards boxed over a rail until both expired, but nobody can tell for what reason.

December 9th. Last night a deserter clambered up within a little of Willis's battery and was assisted by a ladder of ropes by our men. When the officers came to examine his face, they found him to have deserted out of the Royal Irish two months ago. Asking the reason of his return, he said he chose to be hanged than continue in the Spanish service, so is to have his choice.


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