Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Axis & Allies Miniatures

I'm in so much trouble. For years my shobbish wargaming sensibilities didn't allow me to enjoy such 'plebian' games as Axis and Allies. My snobbish role playing game sensibilities didn't allow me to enjoy such 'simple' games as Magic. Now the bastards who made both games have combined to create a collectible wargame - Axis and Allies Minatures. The unholy union of games I couldn't lower myself to play has brought forth a guilty pleasure I cannot resist. I am a weak, weak man.

For $15 you get 9 randomly-selected plastic WWII minittures - I've already got the Hellcat tank destroyer pictured at right. They seem damn near indestructible and the little turret even moves. For $25 you get a set of rules and a whole bunch of interchangable maps that look suspiciously similar to Panzerblitz or SquadLeader.

Link to main site:

Help me. I'm powerless to resist the addictive nature of collectible games. Having never gotten into Magic or Heroclicks I have no resistance built up to these things.

Reasons this game will suck:
1) With random troop assortments, there is no way the battles will be historically accurate. It'd take 4 or 5 sets just to make a skrimish between historic nationalities, to say nothing of getting the year right.
2) Collectibles suck. 80% of the units purchased will be uninteresting (the Renault R35 comes to mind).
3) You have to role a dozen dice each time a unit attacks.
4) It's made by Hasbro, damnit!

Reasons I'll still spend a small fortune playing it:
1) It's got lots of little tanks, and the turrets move!

I found a full listing of all the units here:

Release date is 9/16/05.


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