Friday, May 09, 2008

Back to Busy

I have had to switch from working on incorporating lessons learned from the battle for Basrah, back to current operations.

The bad guys are trying to harrass us outside of the city of Basrah, from which they have been chased. A place as important to the Jaish al Mahdi for revenue (smuggling, extorsion, theft and ransoms) and refuge won't be ignored by them - or us. If we can keep the malign Iranian influence out of the area, things will stay calm. When they manage to smuggle rockets or such into the area, we see innocents killed or wounded.


Anonymous Steve Q said...

Dear Major Tammes,

Peter, Age 5 1/2, has a question about soldering.

Pete's friend John (also 5) says that soldiers do not do very much and rarely shoot guns. All they do is march around. Is this true?

The question is important because a third buddy, Charlie (also 5), was going to become a soldier when he grows up, but now, after John's insights, Charlie has changed his mind. Now, Charlie is going to do race cars.

Thank you, Peter

10:18 AM  
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