Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Iraq Archelogical Find!!!

The Iraqis moved a desk into our little "ready room"... and something was left in one of the drawers. I present to you, an ancient wonder revealed!


Fortunately, a translation was already inscribed...

Postscript: "stimulates Bile Secretion" Yeah, as if Iraq is short of bile right now...


Blogger Inner Prop said...

Evidence of "Oil for Medicine" at work?

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Hiding in the ATL said...

I think I need some of that bile salt. Can you ship some to Atlanta?

2:16 PM  
Blogger Major John said...


How is the family?! Boy do I have some stories... but it'll have to wait in the telling.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Hiding in the ATL said...

Everyone is doing great. No sleeping through the night yet though. I'm told not to expect that for six more weeks. I'll send you an e-mail.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Scott P said...

Yeah, but how is it on barbeque?

6:16 PM  

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