Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vote Vote Vote

Did you vote this year?  You know this was a big election year, right?  I mean, you had the President of the US, that was pretty big.

Mostly you have to be a citizen of the US and not a felon to vote in that one and I know there are folks that follow this blog that are blocked from voting in that election (for whatever reason, I'm not judging, I understand things happen).

As far as I know you CAN vote in blogs though, no matter where, who or what you are.

You know, I hear there is a really fun one going on right now at Illini6.  There are only two days left for that one, but you can still get in on it.

Hurry, hurry, make your typing fingers heard!

I'd say, "Vote or Die," but hey, like I said, I'm not judging, just saying.

BTW, I voted in both, you can do that you know.



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