Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can't hold back anymore

Voter Fraud is a reality and obviously part of the SOP of the political machines in our State. Nothing new you say? Of course. We have all heard the jokes and one liners of dead people voting ad nauseum. But the state has had up to 35 counties, a third, just decide to not send absentee ballots overseas on time so this states service members can take part in this election. Do they care? Is the media covering this disenfranchisement of our citizens actually taking part as productive citizens? Here is a story about ballots not going out in time but people locked up in Cook County Jail getting theirs hand delivered. Today, a Federal Judge (small j) blocked an effort trying to get an extension on the return dates for these ballots. Nice, I hope politics were not involved in this decision. LOL. DOJ looking into this? Anybody fired or held accountable??? Nothing to see here....move along


Blogger LTC John said...

Maybe if military voters only voted the "correct" way, there would be an effort to get their votes counted...

This really does get me pissed off.

4:33 PM  

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