Friday, August 14, 2009

DoD vs EMAC?

This little article from The Hill got me to thinking. Are the Governors right to be skeptical?

I am quite sure these folks would say "@#$% yes!"

I have to be very careful when I look at my past experience with Domestic emergencies - it was lousy and embittering. Well, I should say Katrina was, the Mississippi Floods of 1993 were not.

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) is an agreement between States (and DC, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam) to provide assistance to each other - National Guard, police, and the like. It covers Command and Control, reimbursement and liability issues. It was blessed off on by Congress in Public Law 104-321, October 1996.The Governors feel they have a proper framework in place and the DoD is nosing in where it is not needed.

Anyways, I think the Governors are very correct to be cautious - they have learned the hard way, and through the EMAC, they have the means to get the help they need. I'd have to be convinced that this really is necessary. Anyone care to do so?

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