Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pluto vs. Spabitat

I just heard that "Plutoed" was chosen 2006's Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday.

They gave the definition as: to demote or devalue someone or something. They forgot to give the second definition: to be turned into a dog that's owned by a mouse.

I'm outraged. I created or introduced words last year. I allow no excuses for them not reading my blog (Illini 6).

Some of my words introduced in 2006:

Spabitat – space habitat (created from hollowed out asteroids spun to create artificial gravity). From Reach Out, my 2005 NaNoWriMo book.

Zzgym – zero gravity gym (found on spabitats). Also from Reach Out.

Paragraphination – to add paragraphs to blog entries that have them disappear when you cut and past.

Ontia – a fictional princessdom in my children's stories.

Crylowable – things that men are allowed to cry at or for (ie. the movie It's a Wonderful Life, death of your dog, death of your parent, your favorite sports team losing/winning). There ought to be a Man-Law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the last one. Why not start on a list of MANLAW? It could be called the UCMJ, the Unifying Code of Manly Jurisprudence, or something like that.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Inner Prop said...

You like man-law or crylowable?

Hey, along those lines I told my daughters that there are certain things you never call a male. They include, soft, fluffy and flacid.

9:24 AM  

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