Monday, April 24, 2006

Nepal Ablaze

Though this blog generally pays attention to all things Afghanistan, I ask the Gentle Donuts to look East a thousand miles to the smoke rising from Nepal.

I have a close friend who lives in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. He's watched the protests from the rooftop of his home. What started as a general strike a few days ago is rapidly becoming a revolution. The government has enacted a 'shoot-on-sight' curfew.

I urged my friend to post his observations on this blog so the world could see what's happening in Nepal. He chose not to, however, because he's afraid the government would trace it back to him and he would disappear in the dark of night. Remember, the Nepalese are the folks who brought you Gurkhas and khukuri killing knives. You don't want these guys coming to your home.

Please pay attention to what's happening in Nepal. It's an eight-way clusterph#que between monarchists, maoists and all political perspectives in between. A lot of people are getting beaten, teargassed and shot by their government.

There's not too much coverage on this in the media, but please follow as best you can. This is really happening, and it could get very, very bloody.

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Per Mighty Q's request: Always a good idea to check Publis Pundit's Nepal Section. As always, if it is in Asia, Registan serves as a decent clearinghouse of information. Don't forget Winds of Change either.

For photo gallery (and thanks for the flag .gif) see this site.


Blogger Citizen Deux said...

Interesting timing. The NYT and Smithsonian recently posted articles about Maoist guerillas in eastern India with ties to Nepalese cells. Some of the old, hardline Maoists are roaming around that vast part of the world.

Chinas and India both have a vested interest in this region.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Mighty Quinn said...

Good update - looks like the King broke down and is re-opening parliament again. Looks like the strike is broken for now. He'd disolved the parliament a year ago for their failure to quell the Maoist rebels. All told about 12,000 or 14,000 people have been killed battling the Maoists. This month, however, the Maoists were apparently in step with the other political parties in protesting the king. Makes to old republican/democrat systems seem mighty civilized and peaceful.

8:53 AM  

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