Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Miserable Donuts Naval Attache to Iraq

Allow me to introduce the Brown Sand Sailor, in his own words:

"Always historically-minded, ever since a youth spent perusing a grandfather's academic library, the scribe was fond of the sea even before realizing it was salty. After obtaining a history degree, and working such related jobs as surveyor, sign maker and printer, the beginning writer slaved away at a Master's Degree in Soviet History, receiving it just in time to witness the collapse of the evil empire. Following a short retrenchment as an aerospace adhesive quality control tester, the proto-historian ventured on a career as a dissertation hunter, trying seemingly in vain for half-a-dozen years to finish his classes, pass his exams and embark on archival research to quietly revise the current interpretation of the Battle of the Atlantic. Somehow he also managed to find a job as a real historian (in the belly of the Federal beast), and even taught classes every once in a while, to the chagrin of his students. While the dissertation was eventually finished, the aspiring historian decided on a change of pace and joined the Navy Reserve at the ripe old age of 36. My mother was, uh, somewhat shocked. And after another half-dozen years of drills, and the odd annual training trip to Finland or Japan, the reservist-historian received the infamous phone call, and is soon his way to the sand box."

As we figure the logistics of Brown Sand Sailor's posts, we will keep everyone updated. Miserable Donuts brought you original reporting from Operation Crescent Relief, and now we are looking to add Operation Iraqi Freedom to that.

Welcome aboard, Brown Sand Sailor!


Blogger Saoirse said...

Our family has a soft spot for Sand Sailors!! My dad was in the Navy, has the tattos to prove it!

God Bless, and safe travels!!

12:42 PM  

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