Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Linguistics with George...

The renowned Gizoogle web site translates other websites into Funk. I took the liberty of passing our own, fine, linguistically-sound blog through the filter and found the results most amusing. Be advised - it takes 30 seconds or so to translate the site, and it contains some mildly offensive (though really funny) language.

To get down just for the funk of it, smack your soul finger on the rinky-dink pink link HERE.


Blogger Amiga 3000 said...

I am sum-m sum-m ta say ta you, Mightly Quinn fo' sho'. I am upset by yo recent post'n ta Major Johns "Miserable Donuts" Bizzy fo' sheezy. Perpetratin' such as yos should be filtered out n yo Internet access should be stopped cuz its a doggy dog world. I kizzle you thizzay tizzy this was very funny, but tha only thing F-U-Double-Nizzy is yo sad self n shit. Stop pimpin' this shiznit or I will have ta hizzay you down.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F-U-Double-Nizzy shiznit! at least some homey has a sense of hav'n fun!

12:45 PM  

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