Saturday, September 17, 2005


One of our lieutenants walked near a drainage ditch and found himself staring down a 5 foot water moccasin. Apparently the snake and the LT gave each other a look see, the snake hissed and then turned about back into the ditch. I love Louisiana...


Anonymous P Campbell said...

I wonder if there aren't quite a few of those that are still tucked away in houses.

He's lucky! I've seen Cottonmouths get raher aggressive.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Reeclm said...

What's up with your Lt.? KILL ALL SNAKES, especially the (BLEEPING)water moccasins! Don't you guys need a little target practice? Those things need to be on the endagered species list; it would do all of mankind good.

Glad the Lt. was able to get away from the varmit without incident. Those things are VERY nasty.

Thanks so much for what you and your compadres are doing for my homeland.... The weather is tuff, even when you are "used" to it.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Mary Lu said...

This scene reminds me of an old BC cartoon:

Snake laying on a large rock sunning himself.

Fat Broad comes up upon the snake...

Fat Broad: "SNAKE!" scream

Snake: raises head slightly... "BROAD!"

... on the sane side. What out for those buggers they are known for being agressive. I suggest you guys opt for Target Practice

Keep up the good work.

Mary Lu

5:26 AM  

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