Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Yule!

Today is the Solstice!  In the Northern Hemisphere (of Earth) it's Winter Solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere it's the Summer Solstice.

Happy Solstice everybody!

It'a also, "World End Day."  Only I don't think so much.  It's more like hoorah, we get a new calendar today.  It's just like when you put up that new puppy calendar in January and take down that tired old calendar of tropical islands.  Where did you get that from anyway?  It was more of a tease, wasn't it, I mean, you were never going to go to any of those islands and it just hung in your little cubicle mocking you all year.  I say good riddance to the old Long Count Calendar and let's celebrate the new one.

These folks obviously are.

Hey, I know what you can get me for Christmas / Yule, visit Illini6 and vote on the poll, leave a comment, and click on the little boxes below some posts.  You know good things come in threes.  I'll bet if you do that then the world won't end today.

Can you afford to risk it?

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was St. Nicholas' Day and last night he visited our house and left little gifts in the shoes of our family.  It's a bit of a tradition we do and it really kicks off our holiday season.

Another kickoff of the season is a Christmas poll at Illini6.  I do believe I've done this before.  It's not as strong a tradition as Cthulhu Month in October, but I think I'll try to keep it going from here on out.

Why don't you stop on by Illini6 and vote on the pole, er, I mean poll and if you want you can air grievances too (I guess).

Oh and by the way, did you hear that the Pope doesn't like Christmas?  It's pravda.

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