Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kiwi awarded Victoria cross

This Warrior won the highest UK award for actions taken back in 2004, in Afghanistan. Born Warriors, I would fight along side them anyday.
HAKA 1 click here
HAKA 2 click here


Blogger LTC John said...

CSM - your Scottish is showing in that second Haka, heh heh.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Inner Prop said...

I do NOT want to know how the locks bind on the props in the scrum!

I used to love to whistle "God Defend New Zealand" when I walked past a Kiwi in BAF. Their heads would turn and seeing only a Yank would turn the other way. None of them ever seemed to figure it out.

I met a Kiwi in Salerno one day. The very first thing I said to him was, "what position do you play?" he played lock.

God defend New Zealand indeed!

8:43 PM  

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