Friday, June 22, 2007

News of Afghanistan - The Return III (Edition 59)

I still have smoke pouring out of my ears from a lovely 4 1/2 hour meeting with a room full of lawyers and other insurance people... but here is the News, such as I can find!

Herat - Afghanistan's Second City (and I don't mean the comedy troupe!)

Found at

No words minced here.

An Afghan drug addict, Abdul Ahad, smokes heroin in Lashkargah, on Tuesday, June 19, 2007. Drugs and violence remain major problems in the war ravaged country. (AP Photo/Abdul Khaleq)
Not to be outdone, here is Parwan's entry in the druggie category. Abdul "Snoopdog" Satur.
$ for the "tribal areas".
Schools? (remember, this is the BBC...)
The Taliban are not making friends.
The farm report.
You think your town has housing space issues - try this.
In photo art news.


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