Sunday, June 24, 2007

1-178 Infantry 33rd BCT "Cold Steel"

10km Walk into Post after 10 days

Just returned from an aggressive two week annual training period with our Battalion at Ft. McCoy, Wis. MOUT, Close Quarter Marksmanship, Base defense and Convoy live fire , 60,81, and 120 mm mortar HE and WP live fire supporting the infantry training lanes. Our Forward observers worked with an 155 Paladin Battalion bringing fire to the impact area. It is always good to hear friendly rounds going over your heads, outgoing of course. Shot my first 1000 meter target with our award winning Snipers M24 rifles. My weapons Company did live fire with their M2, Mk 19, and TOW systems. We were also supported by the best Support Company in the Brigade, E/634th FSC. Like it or not, they have been adopted into our Battalion. We also had guests from the German Army training within our Companies. SSG Heinrich from an Alpine Battalion in Mittenwald. MSG Wenzl from a long range RECON Commando, and CPT Kauffman from the Special Forces. All veterans of Feyzabad, Afghanistan. Hard work, Comradship, getting ready to move back to the sound of the guns.

I have found my niche "Cold Steel"


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