Friday, June 08, 2007

News of Afghanistan - The Return (Edition 57)

OK, the month off was lovely, but you are back to being stuck with me. Raise your cup of Alokozay Tea to the World's Greatest Military Contractor as he recovers from a spot o' medical difficulty and read on:

L'Atmosphere vs the Afghan Tax Authorities - when French food and Afghan bureaucracy collide!

Awful news. Double Plus Ungood... she was a great person, a great journalist, and an advocate for a better Afghanistan.

Speaking of women - and speaking of volleyball, as the Inner Prop did in last week's installment. Mull over the chances of this happening under the Taliban. See also.

Bagpiper of Bagram

Photo by Sgt. Jim Wilt June 05, 2007 Sgt. John M. Savery plays a Great Highland Bagpipe in the parking lot of the joint operations center on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, May 21. He said this is a good way to relax.

Photo: Akmal Dawi/IRIN
Parents waiting in a mosque, used as a vaccination centre, to immunise their children against measles in Kabul

The above photo (and this article) stand out as a significant contrast with Pakistan and Nigeria which have seen fundamentalist imams preaching that vaccines were part of a Western/infidel/Zionist plot.

I hope the answer to this request is "yes".

A possible change of heart by the French?

Gee, I wish the editorial cartoonists at would cut loose a little. Heh.

Plus Ungood.

Now this is how you resolve disputes - courts, parliaments and the press. Wolesi Jirga Speaker Younus Qanuni is all the loyal opposition that Karzai can handle. Good.

Another reminder of who the enemy is, and what they are about.


Blogger Inner Prop said...

Great to have you back!!!!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Pixie said...

Happy Birthday Major John!!!!!!!!

Oh... and GREAT post.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Herman Richard Matern said...

Happy Birthday! Been reading your blog a while and am turning to you for a personal response when you get the time. I am a general surgeon subtrained in pediatric surgery and have been trying to get to Afghanistan to serve for much too long. I am in the US Public Health Service, in the Inactive Reserve Corps. But I also work in a clinic in Nepal where we do work in the hills with a random, very poor, and unpaying clientele. Our work is superb; medical colleagues take their tasks and we will do cleft lips, hernias, osteomyelitis (to start with), burn contractures, etc. Our work is all about adaptability plus, which we understand a bit now. We know what works and have met a great deal of the many problems that uphill clinics can face. Us IRC guys are allowed to serve up to 3 months twice a year, and we can work out stuff for the other periods prn if we can find any units there interested. Mass casualties, trauma, yes. Served about 6 yrs in VN, last 3 as guest prof at U. of Hue. Read the article on the mobile hospital on your site this a.m. If there are needs you can see and spots where I might serve, would be much obliged to hear from you, John. Thanks, Dick Matern,MD,FACS Can discuss more, send CV, etc. later

1:00 PM  
Blogger Inner Prop said...

Gad! How could I have missed your birthday?!

Happy Birthday, now you're a year older than me for a while, enjoy it oh wise ELDER sage.

4:45 PM  

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