Friday, April 13, 2007

News of Afghanistan - Friday the 13th Edition!

I am lucky I am not superstitious...but taking no chances, I am tossing a four-leaf clover into my Alokozay Tea.

Well then, on to the News!

More sadness from the past.

Oooh, this should be fun!

Another guy I know, makes good.


Yeah, cry me a river, pal. If your weak @$$ hadn't been paying ransoms in the first place....anyway, I am sure Adjmal's family feels much better now. Piss on you, Mr. Prodi.


And now for the comedy portion of our presentation, "All Taliban are moderates". The HIG deplores violence. I am looking for Mr. Spock with a goatee, if you know what I am saying.

"Get a load of this!"
Aviation to the rescue.

Go ahead, junkies, shoot up and help the Talib. Extra special helping of Taliban hypocrisy as well!

photo: DoD /Leslie Angulo
Rabia Balki.

A new information and news source about Afghanistan: Asia Observer.

A new bank.

Photo: Ebadi/WFP

Some better news about flood relief.

A lengthy letter to the editor re: Dostum. Heh.

Speaking of letters to the editor - ouch! Calling them out.


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