Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is there no England now????

What happened to the Bulldog? To much football and take away Curry? I am ashamed for the collapse of my Island kinsfolk. I was ready to paint myself blue and charge the enemy with my Claymore. But Mr. Blair did his best Chamberlain impression and cut a deal.
I watched with pride as my Celtic brothers and sisters fought for the Falklands 25 years ago. Now their politicians sell them out just like ours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My father a 40 year vet of the RAF and one of the "Few" who flew Spit's in 1940, Made the comments yesterday that all the men lost in 1940, men who went up several times a day knowing one time they would come back, are crying today as they Watch the behavior of RN in the face of an upstart Iran.

A RN crew signing confessions and smiling for the cameras of their captors and Admiral calling them brave!....Nelson is goimg to climb off his statue and slap the lot of them.

9:53 AM  

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