Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blog Discouragement

While I never expected to put up something that would make Glenn Reynolds bow in page view/visit submission, or have Jeff Goldstein kowtow to my style, I had expected a little more from this blog. Part of it comes from a drop off on my part due to a new job - I am still trying to get a handle on it (hence, no more than the Afghanistan Photo of the day when I sit down at my terminal in the morning, and maybe a brief entry over lunchtime). Also, beyond a few entries from 'Prop - I ain't seen much out of the other Donuteers lately. For example, Running Dog or Tempus can pop in and toss off an entry and they draw more commentary than I get in any two days of, yes, I am prodding them to put more up on the blog. I asked the others in because they are deuced clever, and have interesting thoughts. The very first entry on this blog mentioned that I am not enough to keep it going...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog--keep it coming, and be encouraged!
Mrs. Blogotional

11:58 PM  
Blogger Simon Peter said...

Hey Major John, you're still my favourite flatlander if that helps. :-)

Writing is a funny thing, whether it be for a blog, a book or anything in between. The good thing about writing is that no one makes you do it. You have total freedom to let your imagination roam (especially if you work for the NYT or Of course, the bad thing about writing is that no one is forcing you to do it. Writing has to be something that comes from within. It is the process of putting part of yourself on paper and holding it up for the world to see. No easy and not always fun.

I received some advice when I started blogging from Lennie over at The Special Constable's Blog that was very helpful for me. He assured me that I should blog like me, and let others decide if they like what I write or not. I'f I'm trying to be someone else or just trying for traffic, then it won't last. It's hard to keep doing something that's not what you want to do. At that point it becomes work, and who'd do that if they could afford not to? So, I blog whatever I want, post pictures that I take that I think turned out nicely and just generally try to enjoy the process. And you know what? It's much more fun and I post more often on average now. Funny that.

So, what on earth am I saying here? Be yourself, write what you want to and don't worry. I love reading your site, you are a daily visit for me. But if you only posted once a week or every other week, I'd still come and check it out.

Look back through my archives, I have some big ol' gaps back there. But keep "failing forward" as they say. As a leader, you should know that sometimes forward progress is slow and grindingly tedious. I too have been blessed with leadership responsibilities in more areas of my life than I deserve and many times leadership doesn't feel like a blessing, but when you look back later, you realise that it made a difference. All those times of getting there first and being the last one out. All those times of behind the scenes preparations that no one thinks about, but they sure whine if it's not done. Being a leader is not always fun, but it is always worthwhile.

I hope that something in this morass of words is helpful. And if it doesn't help, then I'll just have to drive down to Chi-town, slap you upside the head and then buy you a beer.

I leave you with this final deep thought: life has a sense of humour; sometimes it laughs with us and sometimes we're the punchline. Just keep laughing.

Bless you.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Inner Prop said...

Here's a slap upside the head.

In an earlier post you said to do that if you started complaining about petty stuff.

Add to your list of blessings the fact that not only CAN you have a blog but you actually DO have a blog that is read and enjoyed by, I hazard a guess, more people than can or are inclined to join in the discussion.

Here's another slap for good measure and just like the chaplain did you me you will get the last one when you least expect it.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Great, invoke the ambush-chaplain on me...
It's not a petty complaint, it is simply an observation that my expectations were wrong. At least I goaded the Mighty Quinn into action, heh heh.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Simon Peter said...

Sounded like whining to me.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Major John said...

Simon just wants to see the 'Prop belt me in the melon...

8:56 PM  
Blogger Simon Peter said...

Actually, I was quite happy to deliver the afore-mentioned slap upside the head myself. Your only about a three'ish hour drive away :-)

10:38 PM  

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