Thursday, May 27, 2010

Realizing part of a nightmare? Or a dream come true?

I used to have a recurring dream, especially back in grad school - I would be at a final exam, and I realized that I had never been in the class, much less studied... yikes.

Well, a little slice of that actually happened to me today. I am in the middle of earning my ARM (Associate in Risk Management)...and it was time for an exam in the middle course. I had dutifully studied the first three chapters of the book, and sat down at the Prometric Testing Center, in front of a terminal, to take the exam. It seemed as if there were too many questions for just the three chapters.

Indeed, it was an exam covering the first FOUR chapters of the text. Whoops... was I finally living out the nightmare? Well, I didn't panic. I thought I had a great handle on the first three of four chapters, so I finished the questions that covered the part I had studied, then jumped into..."Criminal Loss Exposures". Apparently God looks out for fools, little children and former Assistant State's Attorneys.

I guess those five years in the State's Attorney's Office paid off. I passed the test.


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