Thursday, May 20, 2010

A whiff of the mob

I have been in two different situations where you could say a "mob" formed or a small scale disturbance broke out. Both were in Afghanistan.

Tonight I got the faintest whiff of a mob here in America. Oh, not any kind of riot or criminal action... rather, it was at a Walgreens where shaped rubber bands were on sale. This particular fad has reached my children's school, and they were not immune.

So as we wandered the store, a Manager came up and asked if he could help me find anything. I replied "yes, we are looking for....what do you call them?" I asked my kids. "The rubber bands?" asked the Manager. Ha, yes, the rubber bands - he simply said "upfront where you see the kids..."
A rainy, non-descript weeknight and there was a rapidly forming crowd around a display table with packages of shaped rubber bands...there were queries as to various types of shapes, exclamations as to the price... I steered my little group up to the register and as the clerk rang me up, I mentioned how I would like to be the person who designed these things and that they had quite a crowd there. The clerk deadpanned at me "its like this everyday, all day".


I thought things like this only happened at Christmas shopping time...


Blogger Inner Prop said...

Are these the rubberbands that come in funny shapes?

No, unless round is funny.

Hey kids, get your Jupiter shaped rubberbands (see how I tied that in). They're special because they're from Zurich.

7:24 AM  

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