Friday, January 01, 2010

An Angry Start to the New Year

I wouldn't be mad this New Year's Day, had I not read this. I spent the Spring and Summer of 2008 helping the Iraqi Army units fighting against Iranians and Iranian proxies in Basrah. The Iraqis I was lending a hand to captured hundreds of Jaish al Mahdi, and dozens of Iranians - usually low to mid-level types from the IRGC/Qods/etc. I even got to see a trio of them up close and personal.

Soldiers from the Iraqi Army 14th Division, outside Basrah in April 2008.

Now, it appears, some of the worst agents of Iran have been swapped for one Brit. He was all that survived of a group that was kidnapped in 2007. Why bother capturing the enemy anymore? I'm speechless at this point...

At least we will execute better judgment at home, right?


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