Thursday, May 21, 2009

A word of advice, after a good day

This past Saturday was Armed Forces Day. If you didn't know that, you are not alone. But despite the relative obscurity of the day, the USO had not forgotten. They provided a whole bunch of fun stuff for the family of service members out at Chicago's Navy Pier. My family had a great time, and the USO people were wonderful.
It was also "Marine Week" out at Navy Pier, so there were lots of Marines, vets and recruits enjoying the fine day.
There is a ship that sails from the Pier - the Windy. Part of their current "theme" is 'Pirates of the Great Lakes'. As part of this, they fire a cannon. A very loud cannon. And they fire it right as they were coming in to the Pier.
My word of advice, to the fine folks of the Windy...when your port is hosting an awful lot of people who may have recently spent time under fire, please consider waiting until you are a bit further out before firing a cannon.


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