Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Inner Prop's Take on the Election

New President, historic election, we knew that. Now let's see what we didn't know. What's going to come of this?

What do you think?

I put some of my opinions on Illini6, but let me sum up here:

I'm nervous.

Everybody calm down!

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Blogger Citizen Deux said...

Proof is in the pudding. One distinct advantage Obama will enjoy, a compliant congress - belssing and a curse.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are urging Iraqis and Afghans to set aside tribal and ethnic strife and live as one people under the law. Isn't that one of the issues at the core of our efforts? Don't you think electing a minority to the top office in our nation gives credibility to our words?


11:30 AM  
Blogger Inner Prop said...

"Proof is in the pudding." Yes, my point exactly.

Yes Matt, the fact that we can elect ANYONE to the highest office in the land does lend credibility to our system. It doesn't not mean that he will automatically be the best president ever. He still has to do the job (which I'm not saying he will do poorly, he just has to do it yet).

Do you remember the "Undefeated New England Patriots" of last year? Why bother playing the Super Bowl, we all know they're going to win? Whoops. That's why they play the game.

CD, yes, this strong majority in the legis. and having the exec branch does worry me even more than if it were just an inexperienced and untested president with a balanced legis.

I really hope that big silly things like ratifying Kyoto don't happen. Not that I'm against the environment, or I think that fossil fuels are the way to go, but because Kyoto (specifically that agreement) is a bad document. It looks good, but it doesn't make sense.

I don't want good looking government, I want sensible government.

Again, I'm not saying that we won't get that, I'm just saying that we have to wait and see.

Sorry for the long post.

10:30 AM  
Blogger CSMBones said...

Putin is not wasting anytime with taking back his former Kremlin gig. Russia just deployed more missles to protect themselves from the Warlike Poles.....Well that was quick. Meanwhile the media melts in the pressence of the one they chose. The main story is his choice of Rahm Emanuel as COC..this Chicago attack dog will make Carl Rove look like a hack. The lead story is the choice of family dog....This will be fun.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never said he's do a good job - he has to prove that like every other inexperienced president we have had - which are many. Expectations are so high, Obama has to disappoint. There will be plenty of geniune bad things to say about him soon.

Up until now the claim that ANYONE could be president has been a false claim, and the position of blacks in our country was a powerful propaganda tool for the Soviets. I'd say we closed a hole in our armor. Aren't you glad every time you voice a high opinion of the American system abroad, you will no longer have jim crow shoved in your face? At least for a while...


4:08 PM  
Blogger Major (P) John said...

Bah. I always wondered what a second Jimmy Carter term would look like...

12:40 PM  
Blogger CSMBones said...

Screw the rest of the world's opinions. What I have learned after 30 years in uniform and many overseas is that 75% of the world is a brutal black hole filled with very zenophobic, ignorant, evil people who are more than happy to rape, torture, and kill their fellow citizens at the drop of a hat. I used to be lectured by my German freinds in the early 80's about how violent and racist our culture was. I loved reminding them we learned our behavior from them. They used to look down their noses at me until I asked them about the 12 million dead in the camps or the 25 million dead Russians their Fathers were responsible for. We are the best hope, the rest of the world still wants to come here. I hope the new boss does well for all of us. It was one of the greatest events of our lives. The shifting Center voted his way this time, it was not a mandate. If they over reach, they will be replaced in 4 years. Ask them how many minority leaders are there in other nations around the world? Only here....

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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