Friday, March 31, 2006

Meet "Crazy"

Hangin' at the Main Gate of Bagram AF. The one legged fellow is "Crazy". How he became one legged is a matter of dispute, urban legend and tragedy. Some say it was a RPG shot by a Talib, some say an AK blast, some say it was an accident, etc. Regardless, he lost it.
Crazy would hang out at the front gate and basically offer the proposition, "hey, I am missing a leg, what can you do for me?" As units rotated, new shifts came on duty and personnel rotated about, they all would meet Crazy and help him - scrap wood, money, clothes, etc. Of course, this led to him getting the name - courtesy of some of the guards. Crazy was a little, um, persistent in his mendicancy. The guards would all say something to the effect of "that guy, he's crazy". It stuck.
From what I have been able to gather, he's still around Bagram AF...


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