Friday, September 30, 2005

Changing of the Guard

Almost always, I very much dislike standing guard. However, as an observer or tourist, I very much like to watch a Change of the Guard. For the first time, I must say that I am quite happy about being involved in a change of guard, heh heh - the one our unit is undertaking with the 515th CSSB, New Mexico ARNG. OK, so it is not ceremonial, and we aren't much to look at... But we are handing operations off and the Inner Prop and I will get to start toward home on Monday. By Tuesday evening, we should be home.

For those who care, these are Changing of the Guard scenes from Rabat, Prague and Copenhagen. (see comments re: correction from earlier)


Blogger prairie biker said...

have a safe trip home and congrats on a job well done.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Acad_Ronin said...

Re Changing of the Guard. The third photo looks like Denmark, not Ottawa. Ottawa would be red uniforms, not blue.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Major John said...


You could I think you are right - I had a whole bevy of photos from Denmark, Canada, Prague, etc., which I chose from. I'll clean the post up. Thanks

6:01 AM  
Blogger Gail said...

Great news, Major John and Inner Prop! Congratulations on your success and best wishes for a NICE LONG TIME before the next deployment.

11:25 AM  

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