Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sex and the Ethicist

Sorry, this really isn't about sex, but a racy title always catches a crowd. Titles mentioning 'ethics' tend to have just the opposite effect.

While I do teach bioethics at a hospital and a college of medicine, it'd be a stretch to call me an 'ethicist.' I don't earn a living at it, and I lack the JD/MD/PhD often necessary to legitimize seemingly arbitrary opinions. By day, I work as a mild-mannered fund raiser for a medical foundation.

Still, I'm versed enough in the issues that folks sometimes ask me how I feel about Terry Schiavo, stem cells and physician assisted suicide. Such requests never end well. I invariable say something to offend the inquirer, and the person ends up angry that I voiced the very opinion they sought in the first place. Serves 'em right. So, moving forward, if anyone has any questions about the exciting world of euthanasia, cloning and abortion, ask away! I'm guaranteed to offend.

Politically, I'm an independent (read: indecisive fence-sitter).
Professionally, I work in the heady ether of the not-for-profit sector,
Economically, I rarely understand what Running Dog says,
Athletically, I favor the CUBS,
Religiously, I'm a screaming liberal Catholic,
Cinematically, I thought Sith was quite good fun (a few minor gaffes aside),
Alchoholically, I prefer a Czech pilsner or Port,
Culinarily, I am pro-barbecue,
Musically, I dig Moby,
Historically, I'm researching a small town in the Midwest,
Philanthropically, I give locally not nationally,
Deontologically, I blog therefore I am.

Mighty Quinn out


Blogger Major John said...

Moby? CUBS?? You are lucky the Czech pilsner, port and deontology things work in your favor...

8:41 PM  

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