Friday, June 10, 2005

Never Again?

If the words "Never Again" are to ever carry any weight, then this is the time to find out.

Perry deHavilland writes from London:
"And where are the marchers in the west? Where are the protesters calling for justice in Zimbabwe? Where is the outrage from those tireless tribunes of the Third World, the UN? Why can I not hear the snarls of fury from the alphabet soup of NGOs? What of the legions of Guardian readers finding out about all this? What are they going to call for? Amnesty International is getting a lot of (bad) publicity from having called Guantanamo Bay 'a gulag' whilst now admitting they do not actually know what is happening there, yet why are they not straining every fibre of their being in opposition to this African horror?"

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I wish I had the answer of how to solve this dilemma, but I do know that inaction isn't it. Any mix of military, diplomatic and economic action available should be used. Now.


Blogger PatCA said...

Great post. I linked to in on my blog cuz I just saw Hotel Rwanda.

Hotel Zimbabwe

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