Saturday, January 31, 2015

Basil Fawlty had his Moose head, I had a light switch

A recurring scene in the old Fawlty Towers series was seeing Basil trying to get a moose head hung up on the wall near the front desk.  He never seemed to get the job done...

For the past...while, I had a, er, faulty light switch I was trying to change. Oh, to be sure, removing it was fine....but getting the new one, installing it and having it work...well, let us just say I had a bit of John Cleese going on.
Not quite a moose head

Today, I finally got a switch and set to installing it. Didn't work. After several retries, I gave up and had a master electrician we know call me...he figured my error in about 15 seconds. So unlike Basil Fawlty, I finally got my job done.
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