Monday, February 11, 2013

Riding Off Into the Sunset?

Well lil' buckaroo, it's time for this cowpope to say goodbye.
Do you think he'll retire to Florida?  I think the southwest's arid climate would be better for his joints.

The Vatican announced today that Pope Benedict XVI will be resigning at the end of the month.  Didn't think they could do that?  Neither did I but Wikipedia says that it was done back in 1415 (ah remember those good old days when there only was the Old World?).

Want to talk about it?  Go on over to Illini6.  That's the only place you will hear if they elect me to replace him.  Well, actually you will probably see the smoke and hear it from the news agencies.  Then you will hear it from Illini6, then probably you will hear it here because I wouldn't be able to keep a thing like that to myself.


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