Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

This will be my last Veteran's Day while I am "in".  Next year this time I will be in the "grey area" (retired, but not yet drawing a pension, etc).

So how did I get here?  I think it best to lay it out in a simple "if, then" statement:


Dad (1945)

Grandpa (1943)

Uncle Jack (1943)


Me, in Afghanistan (2004)

Me, in Iraq (2008)

Unlike my forebearers, who left the plains of Iowa to go down to the sea in ships, or climb into a B-25, I chose to pound the ground as a Soldier.  Oddly enough, I may have seen more of the world because of that - times being what they have been.

Thanks to all those who have served, whenever it was or wherever it was!
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