Friday, February 26, 2010

You know what is a bad idea?

Being talked into playing laser tag at Brunswick Zone after you have been deployed a couple times in the past 5 years...

Monday, February 08, 2010

The view from the Twilight Zone...looks OK

A report from the twilight - things look OK.

I was at the Illinois National Guard Domestic Response Sourcing Conference this weekend, and what I saw was a vast relief to me. I guess, by way of some background information, I should explain...

When I (and CSM Bones and the Inner Prop) left Afghanistan, I was almost frantic - I had offered to stay a bit longer to help with our replacement unit's transition. I was convinced they were not ready and events, sadly, showed this to be so. US Soldiers, Afghan civilians and others paid the price. When I got home I was crushed down by feelings that are hard to convey - inadequacy, remorse, and the like.

And this past weekend, I feared that seeing the officers who be replacing me and my cohort would provoke the same thoughts. It was not a rational fear by any means - I had seen nothing to make me think thusly. But it was a great weight off to see young Lieutenants and Captains who have already been deployed, back at home and with sharp minds, good ideas and not afraid to speak up. Guiding them were some Colonels who impressed the heck out of me too.

When I get out of the way (by virtue of retirement ina couple of years, knock on wood) there are going to be some high quality Soldiers stepping right up. So, the view from the Twilight doesn't look so bad to this Soldier.
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