Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remember This Christmas...

No matter where you go, Santa will find you...

Bagram Airfield, Parwan Province, Afghanistan December 2004

Friday, December 11, 2009

Electronics Books, eh?

This post at Professor Reynolds' place got me to thinking. There once was a book that was the premier work on electronics - for the medical or biological laboratory, not for educating children, however.

It was this one:

SBN 683-08090-3, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 70-147900.

In 1971, when this work came out, there was nothing comparable. The author explained that over the next couple of years it started to sell and gain some reputation. Then...the Silicon Revolution came and that was that. It is still a fascinating look at the time when certain technology had started to come into medicine and biology, and the change in training and education needed to come to grips with it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Your Business-Speak Example of the Day IV

Green workspace paying dividends
The North America facilities team is working to develop and implement a "green" workstation strategic plan that utilizes current furniture and refurbishes cubicles to reduce costs while supporting the carbon footprint reduction initiative.
Here's an example: By utilizing the new green program as part of dynamic workspace efforts in the _____ Towers and several field offices, we produced savings of about $______ per floor. This strategy will be applied to the field offices (and proposed to _____ sites), resulting in a "green idea" for North America.

Translation: You will be given used furniture and old cubicle walls. We will call this "being green" instead of "being cheap" so as to sugar-coat this.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Some old friends, John.

By the way, that bridge we built in the Salang Valley has had better days. LOL

LTC John adds: Hey?! That isn't LTC Anderson/FET 17's pride and joy project, is it? Oh, and always good to see "Z", Sayeed and the Linguist Manager formerly known as CSM...

Remember Pearl Harbor Day. Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition!!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

White House forgot that they told General McChrystal to defeat the Taliban

Leave the business of COIN Operations to the ones who wrote the manual. The key here is the Afghan People we have PROMISED to help and the stabilization of a nuclear Pakistan and the rest of Central Asia. Cost is not an issue. Trillions being thrown away on Health Care reform that needs to be tweaked not overhauled, phony bailouts, Government job bills, and a completely fake climate change cult.
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