Sunday, March 25, 2007


Yesterday I refereed my first ever Rugby match and nobody got killed or even seriously hurt! That was my biggest fear that I would be so bad that they'd start retaliating for things I didn't call, but that never happened.
I was even asked to come back! A sure sign of non-failure.
For more details go to Illini 6!
ADMINISTRATOR'S UPDATE: For the third time or so in over 800 post, I am going to use my privilege to intrude... The 'Prop had been beating himself up quite hard about what a terrible ref he was going to be, he didn't know the Laws, etc. I knew better, AND I TOLD HIM SO!!! Nobody I know has so good an instinctive feel for the game and the flow of play. - Major John


Blogger Major John said...

HA! I told you...

9:21 AM  

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