Friday, October 20, 2006

News of Afghanistan ۲۶

Right into it we go!

One of Ahmad Shah Masood's old aides calls out Pakistan
Forces of Religious Toleration in action!

Cpl. Michael Good, from the 10th Mountain Division, patrols Aranas, Afghanistan. Photo by Spc. Eric Jungels.
South Dakota ARNG getting down to business.
Afghan Refugees not happy? Not at all.
Some stories of interest.
CPT Jason K. Piercy poses with local children during a health assistance visit on Wednesday, Oct. 4, in the village of Robat, Afghanistan.CPT Jason K. Piercy, 147th Field Artillery, South Dakota Army National Guard, and fellow Soldiers participated in a health assistance visit on Wednesday, Oct. 4, in the village of Robat, Afghanistan. The unit handed out food, cooking stoves, blankets, wheel barrows and first-aid supplies. The unit is also building a boys and girls school in the village.Photos by 1LT Randy Lynch
A Cricket magazine? I guess this means things are getting somewhat better.
The World Bank - think long term.
Stand and Deliver!
Hmmm. Maybe.

Canadian and American soldiers cross a ravine in Panjwaii District, September 16, 2006. Canada increased the pressure on reluctant NATO allies to send more troops to war-torn southern Afghanistan on Thursday and said it could not maintain its 2,300-strong military mission there without more support. REUTERS/Canadian Forces/Sgt Lou Penney/Handout

Thanks for the help - and please send lawyers guns and money. Er, make that doctors, engineers, guns and money.

Let me get this straight...when the US was in command, no problem. Now NATO takes over and you might run? HA!

Speaking of guns and money...Haji Abdullah Jan & Sons Arms Store?

AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

There are those that complain and do nothing. There are those that stay silent and do nothing. There are those who do not remain silent and DO SOMETHING.


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